Patient Forms

In order for our relationship to be mutually satisfying and beneficial, any questions or concerns you may have about planned treatment, fees for services, or your experience in our office should be brought to our attention promptly. Clear communication is essential to our continued friendship and professional relationship!

Download and Fill Out Our Patient Forms

Please review and sign the Financial & Cancellation Policy forms, along with the Acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices (copies of the HIPAA Privacy act are available at our office). We have also included the patient information and health history forms that you will need completed at your first appointment. Please bring this paperwork with you to the office.

About Our Office Policies and Goals

We would like to welcome you to our periodontal practice and explain our office policies and goals. We believe in the theories of modern dental care that do not support the old premise of “When it hurts – fix it.” Through proper therapeutic care and periodontal maintenance, we believe that it is highly likely that most of our patients can expect to keep their teeth for many years to come. This not only preserves your smile, but contributes to your overall health!

Our patients can expect from us:

  1. The highest degree of professional skill and ability
  2. A dedication to your oral healthcare
  3. A commitment to make your visits as comfortable as possible
  4. The right treatment at the right time
  5. Thorough explanations of prescribed treatment
  6. Ongoing communication with your general dentist
  7. Fees that are fair and just for the specialized services provided

In return, we expect from our patients:

  1. Cooperation in making and keeping appointments
  2. A conscientious effort toward good oral hygiene
  3. Regular periodontal maintenance visits as prescribed
  4. Adherence to our Financial and Cancellation Policies

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you attain optimum oral health!